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Let's find the most unique piece for your home...

Are you searching for that special piece that gives you the "stop and stare" feeling each time you see it?!   You're the type of person that wants something different for your home and something that you can't find in stores.  You've marvelled at well-travelled friends rugs and listened to their stories of how it made it all the way into their home.  You sat intently as they explained just how many rugs they saw until they found THE ONE.  You've dreamt about maybe one day getting to Turkey yourself but are unsure of where to start and how to not get ripped off.  Turk To Me is bridging that gap and providing the unique experience of privately sourcing vintage and antique, Turkish rugs direct from Turkey and shipping them to your door.  

Watch The Journey...

How Does It Work?

It's basically like your own personal rug stylist, specialising in Turkish rugs!  When it comes to Turkish rugs there is a bit to know; with rug age, motif interpretation and village origin all being important parts that make up the history of each rug.  The fun part is taking your interior decorating style and matching it with a one-of-a-kind rug that compliments not only your space but also shows off your taste!  Read on for my step-by-step guide to finding your perfect Turkish rug. 


STEP 1 - Establishing your vision!

This is the part where you get to share YOUR vision for your Dream Rug! This can include images of the space you wish to decorate (e.g. lounge room, bedroom), rug styles you love and details such as size and budget.  Let's connect up on Instagram and I will add you to a private inspiration board on Pinterest so I can really get a feel for what you love!  Any other wishes such as rug age, organic nature and rug type are all vital pieces of information when I'm sourcing your Dream Rug.  Be as detailed as you want! 


STEP 2 - Sourcing Your Dream Rug

Now that we've established the vision for your rug the sourcing can begin!    I personally handpick the rugs from Turkey's most reputable and respected rug houses to enchanting bazaars and alleyways according to your vision and then present them in a series of curated collections.  I'll send you personal photos, videos, rug styling advice and insider rug history as I go along my travels that'll make you feel you are on this journey with me! The journey to finding your Dream Rug!


STEP 3 - Finding THE ONE!

When it comes to finding your Dream Rug I always talk about that feeling you get when you find THE ONE!   It's this feeling that helps you to make your decision so this is the part where you need to go with your gut!  Based on your vision we work together to narrow it down to two or three favourites that I then mock up on a digital mood board for your final critique.  The mood boards will show the rugs with like-for-like furniture pieces that are found in your space so you can really get an idea for what the rug will look like in your home! The mood boards, project information and styling advice will be sent to you all in a handy Rug Presentation document that will help you choose which rug to go for and how it will look in your space!  

How Much Does It Cost?


To start the journey of finding your dream rug a deposit of $150AUD is required.  This amount gets deducted from your final invoice once your rug has been chosen & your source has been finalised. 

Rug Cost

I work with clients that are wanting to spend a minimum of $2000AUD for their rug.  If more than one rug is required within the same source, the rug value of each consecutive rug must be a minimum of $800AUD per rug. We'll talk about your total budget and what is possible in terms of size & style to align with your design vision!

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Private Sourcing Fee

The Private Sourcing Fee is 15% of the cost of each rug that is sourced for you.  The 15% is calculated on the rug cost only.


The cost of shipping is calculated both on the weight & the dimensions of the rug parcel, with rug thickness & dimensions being the two main factors effecting the price.  As a guide; for a medium sized rug you could expect to pay anywhere between $150 - $400AUD for shipping from Turkey to Australia & $60 - $200 USD for shipping from Turkey to America. 

View the rug presentation...

Patchwork Rug Presentation.png

What My Clients Are Saying ...

Working with Bree to source not just one but two kilims was such a fun experience. The behind the scenes videos, room “mock ups”, detailed information as to the construction process and meaning behind the different motifs was something extra special that I hadn’t realised was part of the experience of private sourcing - making it so special. I can highly recommend working with Turk To Me to find that extra special piece of Turkey for your home!

— Rosie P

Love my Turkish Kilim! 
Bree is amazing, so helpful and clearly very passionate about sourcing the right item for her clients.. and it arrived super speedily which made it even better! Thanks again, I’m sure I’ll be back for more

— Nicole M



Motherhood pic.png

Hi I'm Brianna!  I travel around Turkey scouting high and low to find the most unique rugs this country has to offer so that you too can add that special piece to your home.  Let's talk about finding your dream rug!

Meet Your Rug Stylist...

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