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Turkish nomads have been using saddle bags for generations as a way to transport certain goods on the back of their donkey.  Nowadays Saddle Bags are the new home accessory for the armchair, couch, baby cot or even bed head - just to name a few! 


The Eslem Carpet Saddle Bag is another folk-inspired design but this time with a darker colour palette.  The pockets are made from carpet and were woven specifically for this saddle bag and then attached to a kilim style striped back.  The pockets are finished off with mini pom-poms to the edges and are perfect for housing books, knick-knacks, nappies and toys or even the t.v. remote!

 This saddle bag is made from 100% handwoven wool yarn and is considered relatively new at 30 years old. This saddle bag was used over the donkey saddle and has the traditional split running down the center.   



133cm x 41cm (46cm Pocket Depth)

52inch x 16inch (18inch Pocket Depth)



Colour Palette: Burgundy, Green, Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Pink


*This saddle bag has been professionally cleaned with a natural aloe vera soap.


*This product is available for free Perth local pick-up.


Eslem Carpet Saddle Bag

SKU: 116
  • This saddle bag is an authentic vintage piece made from 100% wool sourced from the Marmara region of Turkey, namely Balikesir and is a relatively new piece at 30 years old, made with organic dyes.  Due to the handwoven and vintage nature of this product there may be some slight imperfections, it is the imperfections that enhance the overall aesthetic and authenticity of this product and therefore should be appreciated.


    Washing Instructions;


    Spot cleaning - please use a damp sponge with a mixture of warm water, vinegar and natural soap.


    General cleaning - the easiest way is to hose it down with a natural soap as your detergent.  You can use a small amount of vinegar in the final rinse to bring back the shine to dull colours.  Do not soak your saddle bag and never wash it in the washing machine.


    Persistent stains - due to the organic nature it is recommended to use a rug cleaning specialist

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