The Lalam kilim is another great example of an authentic, vintage kilim that could be mistaken for a comtemporary piece.  This rug has a harmonious colour palette consisting of only five colours, which for a vintage kilim is hard to come by.  It is this exact feature that makes this kilim the perfect addition to an Australian contemporary home.  This kilim will give just the right amount of colour and pattern to an already homely space.

173cm x 111cm
68inch x 43inch

Colour Palette: Blue, Cream, Salmon, Sage Green, Moss green

This product is available for local Perth pickup.

Lalam Diamond Kilim

SKU: 80
  • This handwoven kilim rug is an authentic vintage piece, and is estimated to be 30 years old. The handwoven aspect of this kilim is made from 100% wool yarn for the weft (horizontal) weave and 100% wool yarn for the warp (vertical) weave, which has been dyed using organic dyes.  Due to the handwoven and vintage nature of this product there may be some slight imperfections, it is the imperfections that enhance the overall aesthetic and authenticity of this product and therefore should be appreciated.


    Washing Instructions;


    Spot cleaning - please use a damp sponge with a mixture of warm water, vinegar and natural soap.


    General cleaning - the easiest way is to hose it down with a natural soap as your detergent.  You can use a small amount of vinegar in the final rinse to bring back the shine to dull colours.  Do not soak your kilim and never wash it in the washing machine.


    Persistent stains - due to the organic nature it is recommended to use a rug cleaning specialist