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This vintage pillow comes from your traditional flat-weave kilim but with embroidery on top.  The pattern consists of a central thick orange stripe surrounded by smaller stripe variations of pink, black and white.  The small colour palette of this kilim pillow makes for an easy to match cushion addition.


Athough not photographed this pillow has a grey cotton backside with zip fastening and comes unstuffed.



40cm x 40cm

15 x 15inches


Colour palette: Pink, Orange, Black, White


*This product is available for free local Perth pick-up.

Lina Kilim Embroidered Pillow

SKU: 99
  • This pillow is an authentic vintage piece made from a handwoven kilim, sourced from the Aegean region of Turkey, namely Kusadasi. The handwoven aspect of this pillow is made from 100% wool yarn which has been dyed using organic dyes.  The backside of this pillow is made from 100% cotton. Due to the handwoven and vintage nature of this product there may be some slight imperfections, it is the imperfections that enhance the overall aesthetic and authenticity of this product and therefore should be appreciated.


    Washing Instructions;


    Spot cleaning - please use a damp sponge with a mixture of warm water, vinegar and natural soap.


    General cleaning - the easiest way is to hose it down with a natural soap as your detergent.  You can use a small amount of vinegar in the final rinse to bring back the shine to dull colours.  Do not soak your kilim and never wash it in the washing machine.


    Persistent stains - due to the organic nature it is recommended to use a rug cleaning specialist.

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